“What has taken years to ail us will need a decent amount of time to heal.”

What is a

Holistic Nutritionist?

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what a Holistic Nutritionist is.

A Holistic Nutritionist is a licensed healthcare practitioner who has acquired specific accreditation from a well recognized school of Natural Nutrition. Someone who looks at the whole person without a mechanistic view.

The body, mind and spirit are incorporated into practice to help bring an individual back into balance.


My approach includes the body, current state of mind, lifestyle, ethnic background, environment, consciousness, and awareness to get you back into a comfortable state, propelling you toward a phenomenal state...which boils down to one thing, quality of life.

Many of us are sick and very confused on where to start, who to trust, what foods to incorporate in our daily choices and the real truth about fats. I can tell you there are many variables to healing, and that it requires an individualistic approach.

Let’s be quite clear, you are not your disease or what ails you.


You are greater.

From what we know, we only get one shot at our physical form and human experience. We should maximize our health potential. We are capable of doing so much more both physically and mentally. This is not about perfection, rather it is about consciousness. When the body is provided the right environment it can self-heal.

Great food is part of the equation, and an open mind is the key to success.

A Holistic Nutritionist is someone who looks at the whole person and cares for them by focusing on their main concerns and goals.  No matter the healthcare profession, food will always play a role.


Some examples of conditions that require nutritional and lifestyle support are inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, candida, autism spectrum disorder, fat loss, muscle gain, erectile dysfunction, low libido, fertility, hormone imbalance, cognition, athletic success, stress and anxiety, depression/ mental health, cancer, leaky gut and gastric distress.

So, what is the benefit of reducing and eliminating gas and bloat, increased libido, removal of brain fog, reduced belly size, healthy weight loss, fatigue, increased mobility, reduced chronic disease risk such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke and arthritis?


The answer is quality of life.

This is all about you and all that can be accomplished to take you to the next level.

If you can imagine that next-level you, what would that look like? Who will be inspired by you? What freedom you will have?

When you get back to health you will have your own definition of what that feels like, my definition: it feels awesome to be unbound.

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