“Live your extraordinary life, a life of purpose.”

About Michael Ageday

Hi, I’m Mike, I am a Toronto-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


I am a husband, father, athlete, and a Power of Choice advocate. I firmly believe in the power of healing. I have many years of experience and a passion for helping others achieve success with their personal health.


Within my practice I use life experience, nutritious foods, motivation, and visualization techniques to help my clients achieve optimal health.

My passion is to teach others to live a healthier, motivated, and purposeful life.

My goal is to make nutritional habits simple and easy so that you can incorporate into your life effectively, and reach your full potential.

My personal journey began several years ago. At the time I was competing as a natural drug-free bodybuilder, training every day, working 1 full-time and 1 part-time job, and raising a family. I was completely stressed out, which presented itself in physical and mental changes.


My sleep diminished, my sugar consumption increased, poor food choices were made, my digestion suffered, my energy suffered, my weight increased, my mood changed for the worst, everything was negatively affected. I felt myself in a downward spiral and knew I needed to make change. I needed to find out why this was all happening.

Having a young family, pushed me to make changes that would not only heal myself but also prevent my wife and daughters from future suffering of the negative effects of extreme stress.

I started doing research on why I couldn’t get into the shape I wanted to be in, why my goals were so far out of reach...

My “why” is very simple,
Better food, better choices, better mental and physical health, better sleep, better mood, better digestion, better connections to your family, better life experiences, better confidence, better freedom, better sex, and better self love.
All of these components of your life can be improved to simply create the life you were meant to live as a whole.

Everything I read was the same - count calories, exercise more, take stimulants, etc… and

it wasn’t working for me - in fact it wasn’t working for many people. While these suggestions are employable at times, they simply were not the answer.


I started questioning everything - what worked, what didn’t work, why it worked, how it worked, I got right down to it on a molecular and evolutionary level and finally started to connect the dots.


My first goal was keeping stress to a minimum. This proved to be successful. After independently studying Sport Specific nutrition, I searched for a school that taught nutritional healing from the root cause. I enrolled myself in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and learned that it is never too late to create change.

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