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Global Health Burden

Updated: May 26

This article is to provide a brief insight into what is going on with human health on a global platform, and this is only a minute fraction of the totality of our health burden.

I am a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner through and through. I believe in the most natural form of living & healing, this is put into practice every day in and out at my home and my work. This can be seen not only in the foods I choose to buy and eat, but also in the bodycare products I purchase, and the lifestyle I choose to live. This of course, is without compromising my beliefs, integrity and soul. I will give back to our Earth the nutrients I’ve borrowed.

I am in favour of healthy eating and a balanced nutrition & lifestyle. I balance my food intake very well and enjoy good clean foods as well as an occasional treat. Because of the ingredients that are in many processed foods known to contribute to ill health, I am a firm believer in seasonal detoxification and cleanses, especially for individuals exposed to chemicals and toxic compounds as a means to get them feeling well again and bring about a sense of wellness. Heavy metals and toxins such as POPS (persistent organic pollutants) can accumulate in soft tissue of the organs & glands, and disrupt their cellular function.

Remember, one of the ways we function as human beings is through cellular function & communication. If these two are disrupted, disease and mental health concerns develop. This is well noted in scientific literature-if you’d like to get a better understanding of this read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

It is by choice of an individual to go forth with a program or protocol to enhance their wellbeing and human experience.

Our human experience is about growth, movement, community, communication, procreation, purpose and you can fill in many additional blank spaces of your own. What life is not about, is stagnation. We’ve seen the devastating effects of stagnation. To simplify, everything on our planet vibrates with a frequency. That vibration is movement. Every particle moves at it’s own pace. Same thing with a cleanse or detox, it’s about movement. A detox neutralizes toxins through organ specific actions and a cleanse clears these toxins from our bodies.

Detoxification can be done by eating berries and cleanses can be done by drinking optimal amounts of water or herbal teas, thus up-regulating cellular and kidney function. How well you detox will be dependent on your internal and external environment.

Some marketers mislead the public and shame them on their physical nature alone.

These are your diet culture poisons. These are the same marketers who shame our girls for not being slim enough, too dark, not light or white enough, not cool enough, tall enough, not having the biggest breasts or backside. They too shame our boys for being sensitive, caring, non masculine, soft spoken, standing up for equality, and much more for both male, female and gender neutral persons.

Real professional & caring practitioners meet their clients and patients right where they are and do not try to change their physical and mental nature through idealism set forth by the practitioner. If you see this as a client or patient, you can make an informed decision - and move on.

An absolute fact is, many of us live in a toxic environment that is making us sick with chronic diseases never before recorded or witnessed in human history up until the last 100 years or so. There are reasons all forms of cancer, ASD (as predicted, that by 2035 will be 1 in 4 boys born will be on the spectrum), insulin resistance, diabetes 1, 2 & 3, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis,

uterine polyps, ED, cirrochis, arthritis, dementia & Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, IBS & IBD, identity crisis, mental health concerns (peer into DSM5 and witness), addiction, all forms of heart disease, vascular disease, and all forms of disability will continue to rise.

So far, we do not have the technology to filter hormones out of our tap or ocean water. Birth control prescriptions and HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for both male and females and gender neutral persons worldwide is up, millions of prescriptions are being urinated and thrown into landfills, which eventually seep out into our water. Antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, antidepressants and countless more pharmaceuticals & chemical are all consumed by each one of us in every single glass of tap water. And if we are not supporting daily detoxification then these drugs can bioaccumulate in our body’s soft tissue. The body’s best defence is to detoxify these compounds, and if it doesn’t know what to do with it or does not have the available nutrients to rid it from the body, the body will store them in our fat cells.

Fat cells serve multiple functions such as trapping anything that may cause harm to our body. There is a theory that the liver will create fat cells in order to trap toxins it cannot neutralize or does not recognize.

Studies show that our girls and boys (as well as adults) have excessive levels of estrogen coming from xenoestrogens in our water and food.

Other studies also show chemical laden placentas of pregnant moms. This is also linked to generations of chemicals in foods such as tartrazine, yellow #5 from mac & cheese and other products, and colourants such as red and blue dyes that are exceedingly present in our water, food, and environment.

Weed killing chemicals are used on our food supply. Glyphosate is in our food, water, & air and has been detected in our rain water. Yes, that’s right, rain water.

Rainforests are cleared to grow corn, corn is sprayed with weed killing agents, corn is then used to make gasoline, gasoline is burned and the byproducts make their way up to the atmosphere, eventually coming down with rain. If you are unable to detoxify these chemical agents, they can pose immediate or long term health problems.

Research what’s happening to farmers and farm helpers globally. Diseases such as Non-Hodgkin lymphoma are crippling farmers and their helpers. Renal failure aka kidney failure is occurring in many healthy young men working on farms. While their families are losing loved ones, including sole financial providers.

For those who are unaware of these global issues centered around agricultural farming practices, food, chemicals, toxins, and pharmaceuticals, it’s time we collectively educate each other, create change, and vote with our dollars.


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