“The best way to take care of

the future is to take care of

the present moment.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


I offer personalized nutrition plans, support, and lifestyle habits to allow for transformation. Together we will create a completely new experience in your life.

At Simply WHolistic, our focus & special interests include:​

  • Healthy Fat loss

  • Stress Reduction

  • Optimal Digestion

  • Meal Planning

  • Muscle Gain

  • Motivation

  • Inflammatory Reduction

  • Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

  • Optimizing Evolutionary Purpose

Initial Session - 1.5 hours


During the Initial Session we will address concerns, discuss goals and lifestyle. I will acquire a better understanding of your current health and nutritional needs.


This is all about You.

Follow Up Session - 1 hour

The Follow Up Session involves a laid-out nutritional and lifestyle program to begin the implementation of your healing process. This session will cover how to achieve your main concerns and goals successfully.

Multi-Session Package

5 x 1 hour sessions

*Initial Session not included


This is an opportunity to work on any nutritional and lifestyle imbalances that may be currently occurring in your life. You will gain additional insight and know-how towards obtaining optimal health and achieving personal goals. The knowledge and tools you will attain can be applied to any stage of your life.

Best Value Package

1 Initial Session and 5 Follow Up Sessions

The name of this package says it all. You will receive the most complete package of nutrition and lifestyle advice and support. Six and a half hours of assessment, recommendations, support and follow up all for one price.

Supermarket Tour - 1.5 hours


Having trouble deciding what to buy at the grocery store?  Is it hard to choose the right foods to support your goals? Is shopping for a week’s worth of healthy meals overwhelming?

On a Supermarket Tour we will go over how to sort through which items are the best for you. You will  become more educated on what to look for on labels, what they mean, and making best choices. During our session, you will learn which foods to buy and how to best pick foods in order to plan the healthiest meals.

House Detox - 1.5 hours


Let’s go through and clean out your cupboards to introduce some new lifestyle habits!

Lunch & Learn - Typically 1 hour

Learn something practical during your lunch break. Rates vary according to subject and content. 

Nature Walk - 2 hours

Interested in forest bathing, grounding, getting back in touch with nature… or perhaps it would just be nice to appreciate and absorb some outdoor time with company.

Looking for a custom package?

Please contact me for your free 15 minute phone consultation

and we can create something that works just for you.

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