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Meditate To Unleash Pleasure

Meditation is similar to daydreaming except with full control while your eyes are closed.

True happiness is a pleasurable reward that comes from within - and that's where you should start. Meditation draws energy inwards and expresses itself outwards.

People who meditate are typically happier, experience more joy in their lives, and have better relationships with those around them.

Meditators are more specific about the experiences they want to have. Like being in the “flow” of mindfulness, meditation can calm the Nervous System and increase our quality of sleep. By improving sleep quality we can increase sleep duration. Sleep is the driving force behind balanced behaviour and a balanced hormonal system. So in turn, it can definitely improve your sex life.

If you are in a sexual relationship and you want to increase the quality, duration, intensity or try new things with less fear or inhibition, then meditation is just the tool that you need to employ.

Take some time during your day and sit comfortably with both eyes closed.

Wear ear plugs if needed. Listening for a few moments, then listen to your breath, drawing your attention to it, just a calm and steady flow of breathing in and out.

Now, direct your attention to what you want to accomplish, if your mind drifts into another thought that is not desirable, it’s ok, just redirect your thoughts back to where they need to be and continue on your mission.

The whole idea behind this is that “energy flows where attention goes”. By placing our attention on one specific thing, we are able to draw all of our attentive resources to it and create a pleasurable experience.

It is best to recognize what the sensations are that you’re experiencing, what they look like, feel like, smell like, how much control do you want, and so much more. You can then ease out of these thoughts, open your eyes and move on with your day.

You can do this as many times as you want as well as just prior to intimacy for added pleasure.

Open your mind and explore.


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