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It is said that Inflammation is the root cause of every disease.

The topic of inflammation has become mainstream, it has led to disabling us physically and mentally in many ways never thought possible. How does something designed to protect us initiate our breakdown?

Inflammation is the body’s way of calling for help.

It is the body’s immune system's response to an irritant - which can be anything from a cut or a foreign substance. The site of a cut is one example of what inflammation presents as; the cut becomes swollen, red, warm, and pain may be experienced. But internal inflammation can be present within our bodies, without our awareness or any major signs or symptoms.

Due to their individual biochemistry, people eating the same foods may experience inflammation in different areas of their bodies. While inflammation can present anywhere, it is primarily found in joints (arthritis) and the digestive tract (as a bloated or ‘beer belly’ look). Some other physical signs may present in the skin (eczema, psoriasis, or acne), or as hormonal and mood imbalances. These symptoms can be seen in both sexes.

Inflammation can also be behind digestive issues, yet the common remedy is to use antacids or a pill to cover up what’s really taking place. Many food additives and dyes can create an immediate inflammatory response. This is often noticed in children. Some may think it’s the sugar, but often when these two are combined, it can create hyperactivity.

Inflammation Facts

- All inflammatory conditions end in ‘itis’

- Inflammation can present anywhere in & on our body

- Inflammatory proteins are measurable indicators through bloodwork

Chronic inflammation quickly uses up our raw resources such as B and C vitamins, and then begins an eventual breakdown of tissue. If not dealt with acutely, chronic inflammation triggers the adrenals to produce cortisol. Cortisol is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormone. A continuous production of cortisol will leave us tired and anxious, affecting mood and behaviour. We may feel like we need a pick me up such as coffee or other stimulants like sugar, and potentially alcohol & drugs. The epidemic of chronic diseases we are facing these days have inflammation written all over them.

Inflammation can also affect many regions of the brain, which can lead to lack of satiety from food and increased hunger.

Common Inflammatory Conditions

Weight Gain/ Belly fat



Muscle Pain





Gum Disease


Mental Health Concerns

Stiff IT Band


Tennis Elbow (treating tennis elbow with a velcro wrap instead of a lettuce wrap with sliced veggies is not ideal)

Living on pain medication may lead to further degradation.Medications can deplete necessary nutrients and inflame the digestive tract & liver. It is best to know what’s causing the pain and address it right there.

Known to cause inflammatory conditions

- Processed foods

- Seed oils

- Sugar

- Food additives

- Dyes

- Chemicals

- Radiation

- Pathogens

- Viruses

- Bacteria

- Household mold

- Stress

- Medication

- Environment toxins

- Cosmetics

- Beauty Products

Symptoms of inflammation

- Swelling

- Redness

- Heat

- Discomfort

- Pain

- Potential loss of function

Reducing inflammation is the key to optimal health and longevity. Knowing what is causing our inflammation is essential to our wellness & wellbeing.


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