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This article is about my choice for living a wholistic lifestyle.

Simply, I am attracted to all things natural. From natural cures and remedies to foods, tools, clothing, skin care products, people and many more.

As an athlete I chose to be drug free and to compete in a drug-free federation because of the lasting health effects. In addition, the side effects of drug use were not in line with what I wanted later in life. It was the look I wanted to establish, and still want to create.

I have a bit of an obsession with human anatomy. I love and appreciate how our bones, muscles, fascia, tendons and cartilage work together harmoniously to allow mobility. For this reason, aside from weightlifting, I enjoy movement - sprinting, cycling, stretching, joint mobility exercise, yoga, and I have so much more to explore.

Natural remedies are infinite and I feel that I have been provided with plenty of options to combat any ailments I may have encountered. Natural cures come from plants, bees, roots, spices, mushrooms, meditation & visualization, belief, prayer, hot/cold water therapy, light therapy, grounding, forest bathing, and simple breathwork. Practicing patience and calm to enable the healing process. Healing is a marathon- not a sprint.

Sunlight is essential to all life on our planet, which is too numerous to expand on at this present moment in this article. I personally try to harness the energy from the sun to provide health benefits such as vasodilation, vitamin D synthesis, serotonin production and regulation of my circadian cycle. I love being out in the sun, training in the sun, feeling it’s warmth, I love to hang drying my clothes, and simply allowing my house to be flooded by sunlight.

Living wholistically is a form of self-love and self-care.

Not only do I care for myself, I care too for our world and everything Nature provides.

You too can live W/Holistically.


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