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Surrendering is a powerful tool we all can use to achieve optimal health and goal setting.

Surrendering allows us to live in the present moment. To focus on the now, by reducing distracting thoughts of the past and what’s ahead. It keeps us grounded without being spaced out. It has become the habitual norm to start our day with a master list of “stuff” to do. If you are on a path to your perceptual greatness and are completely focused, I would agree with a to do list, but a very short to do list. It is quintessentially important that we are careful what we allow to enter our mind, and for how long we let it sit.

Surrendering allows the activation of our parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system which in turn deactivates our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response). It is a means to save ourselves from negative health consequences.

To surrender means to walk away from any situation that consumes too much of our time, energy, or wellbeing - whether it be our job, ending relationships or decisively not engaging in negative behaviour. It may be as drastic as to relocate - away from the town we live - in order to keep our mental health a top priority. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed for clarity, focus on self-care, goals, hobbies, and service to others through our passion.

To find our true purpose in this world, we need to pay attention to clues that are given, whether a whisper, tap, thump, or meltdown. Clues are all around us, similar to sub-atomic particles - and it is best that we pay attention. If we are too bogged down with stuff and want to control everything and every situation in our lives, we just may miss these priceless clues.

Surrendering is an act of letting in.

Letting in the one commodity that can’t be bought, time.

Simply allow all possibilities and witness your unfolding.


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