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Allergy relief drugs are flying off the shelves in many stores. While they can alleviate symptoms, they do not address root causes. We need to pay attention to our environment and the foods we are eating.

Anyone can be afflicted with allergies. They are becoming more prevalent and are now affecting many who never experienced them before.

What exactly are allergies you may ask? Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to a substance that is typically harmless. An allergen (foreign substance) can gain access to our blood and come into contact with a mast cell. The mast cell will then open and release histamine and other compounds. With the release of histamine, allergy symptoms will present as itching, swelling, inflammation, rashes, hives or affect behaviour change. Other symptoms can be present as well.

A continuous bombardment of of allergens accompanied by histamine release can use up incoming food resources that may be needed for other structures. For instance, incoming vitamin C may be used for Cortisol production to reduce inflammation instead of being used for collagen production.

Awareness can be helpful in determining what the triggers are and how to best address them. According to The Mastocytosis Society, allergies can be triggered by stress, leaky gut, sunlight, food and beverages, scents, drugs, stings and venoms. Cleanses and detox programs can trigger immune responses as well as heat, cold, and sometimes exercise.

According to, allergens can be hidden in food products that contain natural flavouring and preservatives. The FDA says that natural flavour or flavouring may be derived from dairy, eggs, seafood, meat, edible yeast, spice, fruit and vegetables, and may be added to processed foods. Other often overlooked ingredients that can be very dangerous are artificial food colouring and dyes (such as red, blue, and yellow dyes).

Supporting the immune system and addressing stress is our best chance at combating allergic reactions. As our environment changes from one season to the next, we too go through a seasonal physical and biological transition. We quite often do not realize it, however our bodies change and can display physical and emotional signs. We are all an extension of the Earth and need to support all of the body’s systems in order to transition well into the upcoming season.

The integrity of the immune system is our best option for fighting off allergens. If our Immune System is compromised and bombarded with stress, poor diet, insufficient nutrients, low vitamin D, inactivity, or in an environment with airborne toxins, we may and can be negatively affected by everyday common substances.

It is essential to maintain a healthy immune system when we are faced with environmental, emotional, physical and nutritional challenges.

I would love for us to take some time to nourish our needs and support our wonderful Immune System. After all, our Immune System looks out for our best interests by doing its best on a daily basis to keep us healthy around the clock by naturally performing many functions, even without our awareness.

All hope is not lost, the good news is, there are many simple and natural remedies for allergies. These remedies can support the immune system so that it can carry out functions. Because we are each unique, we require individualized nutritional and supplementation protocol along with lifestyle advice to address the root cause of our allergies. If you or someone you know is suffering from seasonal allergies, it is in your best interest to take a view at your lifestyle and nutrition practices. With some help, you can make changes to bring about optimal health.

We no longer need to suffer or feel embarrassed, informing those around us “it’s just allergies, I swear I am not sick”.

~ Check out my Recipes section for a Super Simple Immune Support Recipe ~


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