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Caloric Dense, Nutrient Poor

Updated: May 31, 2019

As It has been stated, the more calorie dense foods we eat the higher the chance of nutrient deficiency. While caloric dense foods will temporarily fill a void, they most certainly will leave the body lacking vital nutrients. If poor food choices are continued, the long term depletion can lead to negative health outcomes. 

All nutrients play a key role in making new structures or supporting our bodies. Building new structures such as cartilage, new red bloods cells (blood loss during a menstrual cycle or from surgery), brain cells, HCL (stomach acid), skin, supporting liver functions, digestive functions, reproductive functions, providing raw materials to feed our beneficial bacteria, and much more.

We need these nutrients to thrive. Billions of functions in our bodies are happening by the minute and require assistance. Calorically dense foods can overburden our livers and create additional problems from then on, potentially leaving us with uncontrolled cravings, excessive tiredness, a heavy midsection, brain fog, poor skin appearance, sleep disorders, stress related issues and intestinal insufficiency and bacterial imbalance.

Nutrient dense foods that are organic and local are our best choice. Quite often nonorganic foods do not contain a great deal of nutrients due to poor soil quality and from being sprayed with Roundup Ready herbicides. Foods that come from the earth’s soil will be the most nutrient dense and calorically low in comparison to highly processed foods.

Live foods allow us to thrive. Dead foods place us in a downward spiral.  

As I’ve seen in many of my clients, digestive disorders are increasing. Whether it’s low stomach acid, gallbladder dysfunction or removal, intestinal insufficiency or  imbalanced bacteria, these conditions are on a steady incline and are all related to the amount of nutrients the body is able to absorb in order to repair itself from daily damage and heal. We need to start qualifying foods instead of quantifying them.


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