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Statins are no longer for our grandparents and are now being prescribed to middle-aged adults. They are one of the most prescribed drugs in North America and have been used for decades to reduce the risk of heart disease. The fear of knowing that every 42 seconds someone has a heart attack and one-third of those will die from it is quite unsettling from where I stand.

A class of statin drugs are used to assist with lowering LDL cholesterol and possibly increasing HDL cholesterol (LDL is often labelled “bad” cholesterol by the medical, pharmaceutical and media industries).

How does a drug heal a condition caused by poor dietary and lifestyle choices? We need to look at the whole picture and address the root cause.

Has no one looked at the absolute fact that the brain needs cholesterol? After all, it is 60% fat. Life would not exist without cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed by all of the billions of cells in our bodies and without it, simply, we would die. It is part of the outer layer of our cells, including cells in our brains. Cholesterol is the mother to our steroid hormones and without it these hormones cannot be made.

What do statins do?

Statins interfere with cholesterol production in the liver, thus reducing cholesterol systemically. Statins help remove LDL from the blood and “may” remove arterial plaque however, there are many side effects associated with the use of statins, such as:

• Weakened heart contractions

• Low energy

• Depression

• Muscle pain and muscle weakness

• Joint pain

• Cognitive impairment/brain fog

• Elevated blood sugar (increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes)

• Dry skin

• Liver damage

• Kidney damage

• Lower sex drive

• Erectile dysfunction

• Increased hormonal imbalance

• Nutrient deficiency

One big complaint medically reported is muscle pain. Remember the body has hundreds of muscles. Pain may develop anywhere and will not show up on a scan or medical test. All veins, arteries and capillaries are lined with muscle as are hollowed organs like the stomach and intestines. Pain may be experienced in these areas without warning.

What happens when these potential side effects disrupt daily living?

Will we report these to our medical provider, keep silent, or seek pharmaceutical/over-the-counter drugs such as Aspirin, Tylenol, Viagra, Metformin, Caffeine or SSRI’s? All of these may lead us further down the path to an unfavourable health position.

If you or someone close to you has been prescribed a statin drug and have noticed the above side effects over a period of time, it is vital to address these concerns with a healthcare provider as well as a Holistic Nutritionist to to address side effects and if needed, naturally lower cholesterol levels. A healthy plan can wean us off the use of statins entirely.

What are the chances of someone coming off of a stain after they start using one? What are the odds that the pharmaceutical and medical industry wants you to stop taking a statin? Do I really need statin drugs? How will these drugs affect my living? How long do I have to be on this drug before my lipid/cholesterol profile improves? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and MD.

For most of us, coming off a stain is achievable with a delicious diet and lifestyle modifications. Drug therapy may be a necessity, depending on the severity of a person’s health. In addition to medicine, nutritional therapy is essential along with some lifestyle adjustments to start your healing process. Results may vary if you solely rely on drug therapy.

Read the research and talk to your medical provider to ensure whether a statin is right for you. It is important to know WHY your cholesterol is elevated, after all, it can stem from many different factors.

Know your worth.

If cholesterol is elevated or suspected, it is in our best interest to address the issue right away. It is best to look at the whole picture and not just individual parts. We should not wait until that “magic moment”, time is not at our disposal.

Cholesterol is not high because of a statin deficiency.

No one is prescribed a statin due to a deficiency!


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