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Dad Bod

I feel what the media is calling a “dad bod” should be taken as a stamp of honour. I love my dad bod and treat it in the same manner as a laugh line on my face, I’ve earned it in good company and love. I would like to congratulate all the dads who have participated in the upbringing of their children and placed themselves last in a selfless act to care for their family.

We all know the importance of parents, and the roles they play in upbringing their children. A dad bod may be attributed to a busy hard working dad, one who provides for his family and has placed his own health and nutrition needs on pause to ensure his family and circle are priority #1. A very active dad often skims from one task to provide for another. The fact is dads (and moms) place their health on the back burner at times, thinking “one day I will get back into shape and improve my health”.

Dads who are there for their families should be nutritionally, supplementally, and emotionally supported through stressful times. Dad bods can be a result of, or attributed to hormonal shifts. As we age our internal biology changes, hormones fluctuate. Sometimes this is due to changes in our food and lifestyle, which can actually shorten the length of our telomeres faster than our biological age.

What makes it more difficult is that certain foods are marketed to dads... The BBQ is another advertising staple for Father’s Day and summer. To be quite honest, I actually crave more foods directly from the earth rather than what is portrayed as “dad food”.

Dads and moms need support from their family, friends and community. Incorporating stress lowering protocols should be in place so that a dad can continue to be a dad. Some of the most powerful men participate in healthy daily rituals such as eating the right foods, meditation, exercise, engaging in a supportive environment, and of course, intimacy with their partners. Some do a couple of these activities before their work day begins.

The truth is, health can be simple if you just allow it to be. Suffering in silence is not the answer - we don’t need to be men with egos - we need to keep communication open and talk about our concerns. What good are we if our health is ill? If we can’t move, we’re always stressed, our thoughts are racing, or we can’t enjoy a healthy intimate relationship with our partners. We must remember that life is not static, it is a series of wonderful waves. Each stage of our lives will showcase different physiques. We can embrace our bodies while we strive for better health.

I am now exiting that negative dad bod phase portrayed by social media.

It has been 9 years since I last competed and I am well on my journey to better health because I know better.

I dare to create more happiness, freedom and passion in my life.

Now, it’s your turn.

Become the best version of yourself without compromise.


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