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De-stress while at work

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Go for a walk - This removes you from the environment that created the stress. Slipping away for a few minutes can reap tremendous benefits.

Take deep long breaths and slowly exhale - This allows your brain to focus on just your breath and nothing else, which removes the very thoughts that created a stress response.

Bring nature inside - most of us have the Internet at our fingertips, on your computer pull up nature sounds to whichever season you'd like. It can mimic what's going on outside or where you'd like to imagine yourself to be. This can also be done on your break by downloading nature sounds. Plug in, relax and enjoy.

Stay Hydrated - dehydration is a stressor on the body and can easily be avoided if you optimize your fluid intake.

Drink a warm non-caffeinated tea - Camomile and lavender are soothing teas to sip and enjoy.

Chanting Affirmations - I am safe. I am secure. Drive all focus on these two sentences. Knowing that you are not in harms’ way or danger can bring a sense of calm to you. Whether you chant I am safe or I am secure, both of these positive thoughts will not leave space for any other thoughts at that moment.

Do some light stretches/joint mobility exercises - again, this allows you to concentrate on something other that the stressor. Energy flows where your focus goes.

Practice Stillness With Meditative Thoughts - you can do this while plugged-in to your favourite season.

Stand up and dance - lip sync along with the song, your song, your interpretation.

Incorporate Reishi Mushroom Supplements into your daily routine - Powerful & simple, they have the ability to blunt the stress response and bring about a sense of calm.


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