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Growth Mindset

As technology and life progresses and demands are steadily increasing, will you have the raw resources to keep up? Will you lag behind, become frustrated with your progress/performance and give up? Or will you become a driving force to fulfil all of your potential?

What separates us from someone who is successful is their availability of resources, along with passion, focus, and the drive to move forward. These elements combined can accelerate our capabilities to reach new heights and perform like never before in our lives. To perform at a premium, actually can be simplified if we are willing to adopt and incorporate new nutritional habits. Two things that keep us from moving forward are fear and change. By eliminating fear, we can increase confidence and embrace change.

Our current farming practices have reduced mineral rich top soil. In addition to this, the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides has diminished nutrients in plants. What this means is a reduction in available nutrients from non-organic foods.

Our bodies are nutrient driven. Our brains are highly metabolically active during the day and at night while we are sleeping (It was once thought our brains shut off while we slept, but research has debunked this). Frequently, our brains require a constant supply of glucose to meet energy needs. Since our brains are mostly composed of fat, adding the right kinds of fats to our diet will create cell to cell communication that is well orchestrated. For thoughts to process, memory filing, or simply reading this article, our brains require raw nutrients like Acetylcholine, EPA, DHA, and many vitamins and minerals. By simply adding mineral rich foods and hydrating efficiently we can help eliminate fears.

FYI - According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) fear connects with our kidneys.

A healthy diet will support creativity, in both our personal and business lives. There is a natural high that can be experienced when we start to connect the dots.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Get on a customized tailored nutrition plan designed just for you

  • Practice quality sleep hygiene

  • Meditate, and visualize your neurons firing & communicating

  • Incorporate belly breathwork into your daily routine

  • Discover your most creative time of day

  • Create with the imagination of a 5 year old

  • Share your gifts and be of service to those who share your values

  • Say what you want

  • Lead with every molecule of your being

  • Be relentless


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