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It's Official: Burnout is a real condition

Burnout is now recognized by the World Health Organization as a real condition.

It is vitally important that we address any feelings of overwhelm with appropriate support systems. Working with a Holistic practitioner, the body can be fed the raw natural resources it needs to recover well.

Unfortunately, many of us know the effects of burnout. Feelings of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, high stress, lack of control, cravings for sweet and salty foods, as well as an mood changes, disturbed sleep, low energy, cognitive decline, decreased sex drive and increasing addiction.

Sometimes it’s just too much “stuff” on your plate, causing a spill over. We are simply overloaded and undernourished to deal with many daily challenges.

Burnout out cripples us to the core of our very being, rendering us to a point where we can no longer give any more.

An absolute must Is to acknowledge how we’re feeling and seek immediate help. As burnout can be attributed to nutrient deficiency, lets not forget to support our systems with premium fuel. Often, our gas tank is empty leaving us with nothing but fumes to continue driving on. By adding in a few simple nutrients we can be well on our way to overcoming feelings of burnout.

“Having it all” is a matter of opinion. We can have it all, it just depends on our perception and definition of what having it all is. Truthfully, we are all given 24 hours and what is done within that space of time will determine what we can achieve, sanely.

If you’re experiencing burnout, try to remember what really matters.

What will matter? Will it be getting the dishes done, running errands, weight loss, fertility or catering to those who serve very little purpose in our life?

Surrender is a tool employed to help us go through the process of letting go. Letting go of everything. So often we want to take control of everything. Sometimes the pressure is too great from outside forces. Learning to say no may be our greatest asset. There are things that are just out of our control. Such as the weather, traffic, people and other circumstances.

I can tell you for sure that scenarios of burnout can be supported nutritionally. I too have been down that road a couple of times and I now know exactly what to do before I reach that breaking point. Connect with people who will support you to get through this current crisis. You are as great as your available nutritional resources.

My personal belief is that burnout prevention ie: “how to balance the demands of life” should be part of every school curriculum, including how to prioritize the wellbeing of our children and ourselves. Remember, you are your greatest asset. Without you, there would not be.

Take care of yourself.


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