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Simple ways to get your backside into gear and kickstart your health goals

1. Say what you want with your most true/honest intent(ions).

2. Eat foods that help with cognition as well as health goals.

3. Practice primarily in the moment by focusing on the now - If you drift out of balance, reset and come back into the present moment.

4. Practice breath-work as often as needed to increase focus.

5. Get dressed by putting on clothes that inspire.

6. Just move. Movement creates & parts space for a new unfolding. One step at a time. Each second we are given is an opportunity to create, refresh and create more.

7. Meditate prior to all workouts.

8. Sleep like a man. Most men sleep like a log, which allows very little to affect them.

9. Immerse yourself in a circle of like-minded people.

10. Consciously give thanks, and be kind to your inner self.


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