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Men's Health

According to World Health Organization, women outlive men by almost 6 years. There is an initiative happening and it is a call to action for men’s health. This initiative includes screening, healthy eating, active lifestyle and stress reduction. It is time we look at our overall health and wellness, if we don’t, the consequences could be devastating.

Our internal health is most at risk as we are seeing a massive increases in chronic diseases globally, even in countries which have been long thought of as protected zones. In North America, the number of unhealthy men is increasing dramatically.

While it may be challenging initially, taking charge of our health can become easy by making small changes to our eating and lifestyle habits. What we should look at is incorporating things instead of excluding or removing them. Men’s health and wellness starts outside of any fitness facility.

As noted on the World Health Organization website, one of the major concerns that determines the outcome of men’s health is that “men are less likely to see a doctor when they are ill and, when they see a doctor, are less likely to report on symptoms of disease and illness”. In addition to this, excessive consumption of alcohol is linked to notions of masculinity. I would like to inform all men that any alcohol consumption is not required to be considered masculine.

Whether in a small or large community we need to advocate for the support of integrative and holistic care for men.

Collectively, we need to start a global conversation on men’s health and how to foster improvement for annual health screening, healthy eating, stress reduction and finding our voice to express our health needs in a manner of whole self-care.

Education, action and access to healthy food is our best hope to prevent chronic diseases and negative health outcomes from progressing to a chronic state.

As the world moves toward modernization we need to be more vigilant and understand that our own health is up to our individual selves. We govern and determine what is placed in our mouths, how we handle stress, sedentary lifestyles, lack of sleep and circadian cycle disruption.

Whole self-care is the absolute best thing we can do for ourselves. We need to become motivated to want to eat high quality and nutrient dense foods. These foods will provide raw natural materials to help build new structures, maintain our heart health, and lower inflammation systemically. Working with your own healthcare provider and a holistic nutritionist that have your health interest as a priority is best.

Everyone benefits from a healthier stronger you, our families, co-workers, and our communities. We can become empowered with knowledge and information to live healthier lives. We can look forward to better health outcomes and lower mortality rates among men of all ages and all cultures.

Lets have this conversation and make small changes, find your voice..


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