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Telomeres - The Aging Factor

Telomeres are protective caps at the ends of our chromosomes. These caps have been said to resemble the hard plastic at the tips (ends) of our shoelaces. Both serve protective functions, however telomeres have a specific function in our bodies.

The length of our telomeres have been shown to indicate our mortality rate (how much time we have left) and are related to many chronic diseases. Telomeres can be found in many species including jellyfish, honey bees and humans. Maintaining the length of our telomeres is critical to our future healthy selves.

A diet that is highly processed will cause inflammation and stress to our bodies that will shorten the length of our telomeres. Another factor that can affect the length of our telomeres is a compromised lifestyle. Some lifestyle practices such as circadian disruption, poor sleep, unhealthy weight, stress (all types), poor diet and inactivity will contribute to accelerated aging and a shortened lifespan. This may have an immediate impact on our current quality of life. The shortening of our telomeres is a natural and normal process of aging, but what is most concerning in our modern time is the acceleration, ageing and deterioration of our bodies. We need to take action right now by making a decision for better health.

We need to take action right now by making a decision for better health.

The good news is, with the addition and incorporation of healthy whole habits we can support this magnificent structure and age well. We can actually lengthen our telomeres (if they were shortened due to an unhealthy lifestyle) with live whole foods and by choosing to incorporate healthy daily habits. By taking care of our telomeres we can enjoy real food, the company of family and friends, physical movement without pain, a healthy sex life, better focus, and have more time for the things we love to do. We will have the energy to carry out the things we want to do without feeling tired, stressed and pain.

Stay whole and healthy my friends.


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