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The Perils of Excess Sugar Consumption: Part 1

Reasons to reduce sugar in our diet

  • Increases unfavourable weight gain

  • Drives metabolic disease

  • Highly toxic in the blood

  • Feeds cancer cells

  • Contribute to NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)

  • Causes leptin resistance

  • Creates acidity in the blood

  • Contributes to atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries)

  • Leads to brittle bones

  • Damages veins and arteries

  • Increases inflammation

  • Causes skin issues

  • Increases aging

  • Reduces magnesium in the body (it takes 4 molecules of magnesium to digest 1 molecule of sugar)

  • Highly addictive

  • Leads to bacterial imbalance

  • Feeds fungus

  • Contributes to tooth decay

  • Promotes negative mood disorders

  • Associated with certain mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety

  • Down-regulates learning, memory and thoughts

  • Creates fermentation in the digestive tract - increasing gas production

This is just a general list of some of the negative impacts of Sugar.

Sugar plays a pivotal role, but overconsumption is literally breaking us down.

In part 2, I discuss the effects in further detail.


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