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Top things that cause hypertension or high blood pressure

Addressing hypertension or high blood pressure right away may reduce the risk of developing additional health problems later on. Below is a list of some common causes.

Dehydration - causes blood to thicken, image your heart having to work very hard to pump a thicker than normal blood through veins, arteries, and tiny capillaries. This creates pressure on arteries which is measured as systolic by health practitioners or newer self-mediated machines.

Hardened or partially blocked arteries - a healthy artery is flexible & pliable to accommodate pressurized blood flow. When arteries are compromised with plaque or become stiffened, the blood pumped from the heart cannot move efficiently.

Excess caffeine - increases dehydration as well as reduces the blood supply of electrolytes. Since our bodies are electric, our cells rely on specific minerals to allow electric transfer from one cell to another cell.

Diuretics from medications - again, an electrolyte imbalance may occur causing the heart to function in a manner that is not normal: Diuretics are often prescribed to people who are on blood pressure medication, which then may lead to a continuous cycle of one drug affecting the other.

Electrolyte imbalance - this includes magnesium and may occur from dehydration, excess caffeine, diuretics or a diet lacking essential minerals.

Chronic stress - is like excess daily caffeine intake. It causes the nervous system to send signals to increase production of hormones and neurotransmitters which acts on the heart muscle to beat faster and work harder.

EMF’s - Electromagnetic Fields. Studies have shown that EMF’s are very harmful to our health as they are stressors. EMF’s have been shown to affect our internal electrical system. The reason is generally not understood by the public, however one of the side effects of EMF’s allow cells to open, taking in additional calcium. When too much calcium enters a cell it causes cell death. This may affect the contractions of the heart.

White Coat Syndrome is recognized by the medical establishment as a syndrome. This is when a patients’ blood pressure increases at a medical office, clinic or hospital just at the sheer sight of someone in a white lab coat, and when blood pressure is taken it can give a false reading of hypertension.

Kidney dysfunction can lead to hypertension and vice versa. The kidneys help balance the amount of electrolytes and minerals within the body. If there is damage to the kidneys we may see an electrolyte imbalance.

Simple ways to reduce hypertension:

  • Hydration is critical when it comes to our bodies functioning properly. It helps blood become less sticky and thick.

  • Meditation increases mindfulness through awareness. Being aware is an asset to reducing or eliminating stress when it arises.

  • Deep breathing is essential to calming our heart muscle, it allows us to communicate to our internal faculty that we are safe.

  • Swapping coffee for coffee substitutes or herbal teas can be very beneficial to proper function of our heart and nervous system.

  • A diet containing balanced nutrition such as raw organic nuts & seeds, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, leafy greens, coconut water & pink salt can all have a positive & powerful impact on heart function and electrolyte balance.

  • If you are on medication please consult with your healthcare provider before reducing or discontinuing any medication, or making changes to your prescription. Consult a holistic nutritionist to reduce your chance of developing high blood pressure or reducing your current diagnosis.


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